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Full CV in Portuguese:

Summary CV in English:

  A bit about Engineer Miguel Fenández y Fernández (father)  -  "presentation"

  • Born in the city of Rio de Janeiro (1947), son of Spanish immigrants who already met here.

  • Primary course at the municipal public school “Minas Gerais”, “admission”, 1st and 2nd high school at Andrews College, high school and high school at the Colégio de Administração at the National Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Brazil (1961/65).

  • Civil engineering, hydraulic option and sanitation at the National School of Engineering of UFRJ (1966/70), having been the speaker of the graduating classes (±400 students).

  • In 1967-68: academic directory of UFRJ as director of the “Jornal da Politécnica”.

  • Postgraduate degree in Irrigation Engineering, Instituto de Hidrologia de Madrid (1976). 

  • Professor of Hydraulics in the Civil Engineering course at PUC-Rio from 1982 to 1995.

  • MANUAL DE HIDRÁULICA, Azevedo & Fernández, Author of the 9th edition released in 2014 (Dec 2017 in the 4th reprint), chosen by Prof. Azevedo Netto in 1988 (he was co-author of the 8th edition released in 1998). It is the best-selling engineering book in Brazil.

  • ANE - National Academy of Engineering, in 2021 was nominated and chosen to occupy chair No. 101.

  • Author of several published Articles, Works and Handouts, including 5 articles / work on institutional arrangements and tariffs.

  • SABESP, Cia. Saneamento Basic of São Paulo SP (1971, comasp - 75 Sabesp), Senior Specialist Engineer (“g-zero”).

  • ANA – National Water Agency, consultant on two occasions.

  • AQUACON Engenharia Ltda., founder and CEO since 1989 until today).

  • HYDROCHEMICAL Engª e Laboratórios Ltda. (founder and director from 1971 to 2006).

  • MONTREAL Engenharia & IESA – Internacional de Engenharia 1969-1970 and 1976 to 1985,  TECNOSOLO 1986 to 1989 and ENCIBRA – Engineering Science (1971), engineer, head of department, manager and director.

  • DHI – Danish Hydraulic Institute, “exclusive partner” for Brazil from 1990 to 2005.

  • In Brazil, he worked in: AM, MA, PI, CE, PE, RJ, SP, SC, MS, GO, MG, with more than 250 studies and projects carried out, implemented and / or operating (including more than 15 works on the tariff subject and institutional).

  • Abroad, he has worked in Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Angola, Libya, Paraguay and the Dominican Republic.

  • ABCE - Brazilian Association of Engineering Consultants (director from 2005 to 2006), , AIDIS (Asociación Interamenricana de Ingenieria Sanitária),

  • Engineering Club of Rio de Janeiro, member since 1971, board member elected since 2019.

  • Institute of Engineering of São Paulo, member since 1971  and official representative in Rio de Janeiro since jun2018.

  • ABES – Brazilian Association. Eng. Sanitary and Environmental (over 5,000 members), since 1971, has already been elected to cons. director for 5 times, for cons. supervisor twice and chosen for the editorial board 3 times. He was the creator of the ABES Tariff Chamber. He is a columnist for the ABES bimonthly magazine “Bio”, with a column on “Professional Folklore – Causos”.

  • AWWA (American Water Works Association, affiliated in 1971)

  • He was a fellow of the USIS (United States Information Service) in courses and seminars on “problems of big cities”, in Brazil and in the USA (1970-71).

  • Sports:  swimming (1962-63 Rio de Janeiro youth champion) and water polo (playing in several matches of the 1963-65 Rio de Janeiro championships) always with the Regatas Guanabara club. ▪▪ Practiced sailing having won some trophies in cruise regattas.

  • Employee of the Central Bank of Brazil while studying engineering.

  • Law, Faculdade Nacional Direito UFRJ (1979-81 “locking up” in the 7th period).

  • Military Service in the Navy (EFORM) 1967 to 1969,  2nd Lieutenant Reserve - Navy, Deck.

  • Languages: Good Spanish.  Regular French and English.

  • Divorced, 3 children (a dentist and two engineers, one being his namesake, hence the use of "father").

  Engº Miguel Fernández y Fernández (father),  dec2022


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