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No casco velho de Coimbra

At a Siulbesa (Luso-Brazilian Sanitary Engineering Symposium), around 2010, I rented a car and went for a walk in Coimbra with a friend. We were looking for a suitable place to park near the University rectory, in Casco Velho, when on a curve we saw a series of cars parked perpendicularly to the curb and two spaces. We parked. There was no sign board neither allowing nor forbidding. But "poor people are suspicious when they see a lot of handouts", we decided to ask the newsboy at a kiosk in the garden in front of the place, who was talking to a friend-client: - Can I park there? - "Yes", replied the newsboy's friend... Happy with the information, we were already walking away towards the university when we heard a voice coming from the kiosk: "but you shouldn't". - Like this? -"You will be fined" And there we went looking for a "parking" (just like that, in English) a kilometer away, so we wouldn't get bored or get fined. And we learn that we can do whatever we want and whenever we want, including killing someone, "but you shouldn't". There may be consequences. Absolutely right. Miguel Fernández, consulting engineer, chronicler and columnist Rio de Janeiro, published in ABES Bio Magazine n°84 Jul/Sep 2017, page 25.

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